Platinum Recipient Account

Verified Members are allowed to have both a business publisher account and a recipient account


Platinum£750.00 Per Quarter


  1. Shipyards
  2. Superyacht Sales
  3. Superyacht Charters
  4. Mediterranean Charters
  5. Caribbean Charters
  6. Mega Yachts
  7. Superyacht Toys
  8. Superyacht Entertainment
  9. Superyacht & Mega Yacht Owners
  10. Superyacht Recruitment
  11. Superyacht Management
  12. Superyacht Finance
  13. Superyacht Marinas
  14. Superyacht Finance
  15. Superyacht Insurance
  16. Superyacht Equipment
  17. Superyacht Navigation
  18. Superyacht Furnishings
  19. Superyacht Tenders
  20. Superyacht Boat Shows
  21. Superyachts Wanted
  22. Multi Listing Sites (MLS)
  23. Superyacht Mailman News
  24. General Superyacht News
  25. Superyachts Climate Friendly

Stealth Emails

  1. Shipyards
  2. Mega yachts
  3. Superyacht Sales
  4. Superyacht Management
  5. Superyachts Wanted
  6. Superyacht & Mega Yacht Owners
  7. Superyacht Marinas


  1. Full access account for Mega Yacht & Superyacht owners.
  2. No Restrictions.
  3. Keeps you in touch.
  4. Join all the above lists
  5. Join Yacht Social and Mega Yachts Group
  6. A duplicate account on ALF
  7. Receive Emails.
  8. Can view as digest
  9. Can Post charter reviews
  10. View archives online with no limits...
  11. Emails will contain zero ads.
  12. Emails will all images.
  13. This account can be discounted to you by your yacht broker who also holds a platinum publishing account
  14. You can receive/view content relating to Mega Yachts

Who is it for?

The Platinum account has all the features of the Gold account however it is a more suitable account for UHNWI Super & Mega yacht owners along with brokers and management companies.

This account is fully unrestricted and is the only account that gives access to Mega yacht sales and the Mega yacht group on Yacht Social.
You also have exclusive access to the stealth emails for Super/Mega yacht owners for discreet information exchange.

Owners can also be invited to this account by their brokers or yacht management company who holds a platinum publisher account.

This is a very bespoke account and we expect will have a limited amount of members, but the connections and content shared will be highly valuable and informative as well as being very secure and discreet.

Platinum members also get an equivalent duplicate account on ALF so you do not need to sign up twice.

Visit the newsletter lists page to get details of what you can receive and the information each list contains.

You will need to be fully verified with ID to be able to register for a platinum account.